A Community of Care

Our Philosophy

Mental Wellness as Part of Whole Health.

Grant Blackford Mental Health offers care and services for the whole of our community. We believe that any understanding of community health must include mental wellness and any understanding of mental wellness must include a picture of whole health. We offer services in the following categories:


– Outpatient

– Inpatient

– Community


Number of services rendered in this community in just the past year.

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number of employees working to support our community health services.

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Number of unique mental health challenges supported in the past year.

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Outpatient Services

Our trained professionals offer a full range of  therapeutic services.


Our therapists and case management professionals are prepared to help you work your way toward a mentally healthier life.

Family Therapy

Our team of Family Behavioral Specialists work with families on a six-phase treatment plan to build stronger relationships and learn how to tackle tough problems.

Group Therapy

Group therapy allows patients to share their experiences in a safe and confidential setting while building supportive relationships.

Case Management

Our team of case managers work directly with clients to build meaningful relationships and help them lead a mentally healthier lifestyle.

Addictions Care

Taking the first step is hard but our team at Grant Blackford Mental health is ready to help you overcome your addictions. We offer a wide range of treatment options for both adults and adolescents.

Gambling Services

For many people, gambling can be a harmless form of entertainment. However, for some people, gambling can become a problem that negatively impacts their lives.

Inpatient Services

Our trained professionals offer a full range of  therapeutic services.

Acute Needs

Whatever treatment you need, our specialists are ready to help you find a path forward unique to you.


We offer emergency inpatient services in more dire situations.

Trauma and Abuse Treatment

No matter what hardships you have faced, we have specialists ready and equipped to help you overcome trauma and get on the path toward recovery.

Long-Term Care

Inpatient care is available for individuals who have lost the capacity to maintain a desirable level of functioning due to emotional distress/illness or chemical dependency.

Addictions Treatment

In addition to outpatient addictions treatment, we also offer inpatient care to aid your recovery.

Women-Specific Care

We offer women's specific care to help bring comfort and a unique touch to each individual situation.

Community Services

Our trained professionals offer a full range of  therapeutic services.

Work-Based Care

Our Employee Assistance Program assists employees of local businesses with substance abuse, mental health, stress-related illness, family issues, and other problems that negatively affect their job performance.

School Services

We maintain a strong relationship with our local schools and offer programs and offer students resources and programs to help them overcome mental health challenges.

Common Sense Parenting

Common Sense Parenting is a process of working with parents and children facing serious mental health challenges.

Drug Court

We partner with our court system as an alternative option for treatment and rehabilitation.

Adult & Adolescent Prime for Life

Grant Blackford hosts a series of educational sessions for both adults and adolescents to help prepare them to lead mentally healthy lives.

24/7 Care

Our "Therapist-on-Call" system gives you 24/7 access to the care and treatment you need.

What We Treat

Our experts can treat a wide array of mental health challenges.