Grant Blackford Mental Health awarded grant to expand services

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) has announced that the Grant Blackford Mental Health Center (GBMH) has received a two-year, $4M grant to expand and enhance behavioral health services in Grant and Blackford Counties. This grant, funded in part by the CARES Act, enables GBMH and 10 other Indiana CMHCs to operate as Certified Community Behavioral Health Centers (CCBHCs).

GBMH will utilize the additional funding to improve the behavioral health care services available in Grant and Blackford Counties through an increase in provision of community-based mental and substance use disorder services; advancing integration of behavioral and physical health care; assimilation and utilization of evidence-based practices more consistently; and improving access to high-quality care. Created by the National Excellence in Mental Health and Addiction Treatment Expansion Act, the purpose of the CCBHC program is to increase access to more comprehensive mental health and substance use treatment while also treating co-occurring primary care concerns.

“GBMH is excited and thankful to SAMHSA for the award and to our legislator for supporting the CCBHC model,” said Dr. Marianne DiMatteo, President and CEO of GBMH.  “GBMH will utilize this opportunity to strengthen our community partnerships, train our staff and ensure that individuals experience no wrong doors when seeking behavioral health services. We’re confident this opportunity will allow GBMH to break down barriers to access and serve the most vulnerable in our communities.”

Through the CCBHC expansion, GBMH will include same-day access to behavioral health care, mobile crisis services, medication-assisted treatment for substance use disorders, primary health care screenings, community-based treatment, assertive community treatment (ACT) services, case management and care management, and peer-delivered services.

“This is a wonderful win for my legislative district and community members in Blackford and Grant Counties,” stated Ann Vermilion, Indiana House of Representative for District 31.  “Grant Blackford Mental Health has served as a leader providing mental health services and expertise and care for over 70 years.   Mental health and substance abuse disorders are on the rise, and with COVID, we are facing a national crisis of concern.  We are thankful for this awarded grant which will allow GBMH the financial means to expand services and improve access for our community members.”

Services under the CCBHC will target individuals with serious mental health and substance use disorders, to include opioid disorders; children and adolescents with serious emotional disorders (SED); intellectually developmentally disabled (IDD) individuals; justice-involved individuals; veterans; and individuals with co-occurring physical health disorders. CCBHCs provide individual and family-centered services to any individual in need, regardless of their ability to pay or their place of residence.

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